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The experience years of Masc Consulting Engineers has allowed him to enter the most important records of Technical Inspection of Works nationwide.

The value proposal of Masc Consulting Engineers is differentiated thanks to its team, which has the following values ​​and requirements:

  • Passionate.
  • Honest and Dedicated.
  • Innovators.
  • National and international standard professionals.

Consulting and planning

Since its inception the human capital of the company has been constantly growing, today we have a group of highly trained professionals in the different specialties that our discipline requires.


  • Original Schmidt Live
  • GPR Live
  • Pundit array 250 – 200
  • Topographic Equipment

Engineering and Technical Inspection Services for construction works of the Management and Projects Salvador, Salvador Division ✓

Current condition assessment Sample Cutter Drawer Los Amarillos Plant CODELCO - DSAL

Advising to the Fiscal Inspection and Advising to the Fiscal Inspection of Design ✓

Advising to the Fiscal Inspection - Heated Pool of Talca

Advising to the Fiscal Inspection - Stadium "Tierra de campeones" Iquique


Only details are those that are missing so that the semi-Olympic tempered pool of the Talca Fiscal Stadium is 100% finished. The work, which the ABC company has been carrying out, in charge of the work, so far has been satisfactory, as reported by the authority, on an inspective visit, where they could see the great progress presented by this building, which will come to cover the need for children, youth and adults to develop swimming throughout the year.


The construction process of the new Carabineros Subcommissioning for the town of El Belloto in Quilpué, whose works are executed by the MOP Architecture Department, with funding from the Regional Government, has already begun.


The Regional Government of O’Higgins began the second stage of improvements in the coastal edge of Pichilemu. The initiative includes improvements among the Fishermen’s Cove sector, up to Puntilla. The initial project had to be divided into two parts, since there were disputes with neighbors, which resulted in land expropriations.


The Association of Engineering Consulting Companies (AIC) announced the integration of four new partners in the past two months. One of these corresponds to Masc Ingenieros Consultores.

Projects in the Country ✓

We are partners of C.CH.C.

We belong to the A.I.C.


Civil Inspections

Defines objects and studies in more detail, that is, plan the course of action.

Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering that deals with the design and calculation of the structural elements and systems of the project.

Automation Engineering

Civil Engineering in Systems and Telecommunications is the application of mathematical and physical sciences to develop systems that use materials and forces of nature economically for the benefit of humanity.

Seismic Wave Measurement

The measurement is quantitative, it measures the seismic energy released in each movement based on the amplitude of the wave recorded in a seismogram.

Project Review

The coordination of construction projects is identified in two areas, the technical review of projects and the graphic or digital coordination of projects.

BIM Portfolio

BIM is a collaborative work methodology for the creation and management of a construction project that centralizes all information digitally.

Electrical Studies

Electrical Engineering is the field of engineering that deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

Structural Study

The Company specializes in structures, structural pathologies, heritage rehabilitation, design and construction of civil works.

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Innovators, Investigate and Undertake

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