Date: 16/12/2019

The construction process of the new Carabineros Subcommissioning for the town of El Belloto in Quilpué, whose works are executed by the MOP Architecture Department, with funding from the Regional Government, has already begun.

The mayor of the Region of Valparaíso, Jorge Martínez thanked the contribution of the Regional Government for the Subcommissary, said that this is very good news for the residents of El Belloto.

“Here begins a work of about three billion pesos and we can assure the Belloto community in the city of Quilpué, in the Marga Marga province that at the end of next year they will have a spectacular sub-station, with the highest construction indexes, with the best equipment, with all the personnel of a sub-station not only the police, but with all the modern technology of the best police barracks that are being developed in Chile, ”said the regional authority.

The public works seremi, Raúl Fuhrer Sánchez, stressed that it is a project that is located in a place like El Belloto, which has been growing and is increasingly populated. “It is a tremendous challenge and we are happy that President Sebastián Piñera relies on the Ministry of Public Works to improve the quality of life of people in security works, in connectivity works in the Region and, of course, in such works emblematic as public building, ”he said.

Colonel Rodolfo Lobos, head of subrogant zone, said that “for Carabineros de Chile, it is a matter of great pride and satisfaction to see these concrete steps in the town of El Belloto, where the process of construction of what will be next year will begin the El Belloto Sub-station installed in an urban center where there will be close contact with the community ”.

The works of the Subcommittee of El Belloto consider the construction of a thousand 120 square meters barracks on two levels and 2,600 meters of exterior works such as parking lots, with an investment of more than 2 thousand 800 million pesos.