Date: 31/01/2020

The Regional Government of O’Higgins began the second stage of improvements in the coastal edge of Pichilemu.

The initiative includes improvements among the Fishermen’s Cove sector, up to Puntilla. The initial project had to be divided into two parts, since there were disputes with neighbors, which resulted in land expropriations.

“It is always important to generate good travel conditions for people, especially pedestrians. In that sense, having a pedestrian promenade in the La Puntilla sector, where a road flow problem was always generated, serves the entire region,” indicated the mayor of the commune, Roberto Córdova (IND).

For its part, the Public Works seremi, Moisés Saravia, said that “this stage includes viewpoints, pedestrian promenade, places of rest and fundamentally universal access to the beach, that is, that anyone beyond their limitations can access (.. .) is to completely change the face of this sector of La Puntilla “.

“At the moment it is working in a stage of design of the new hospital, which speaks of delivering a series of services so that people come to enjoy and do tourism in the region,” said Mayor Juan Manuel Masferrer. The project will have an investment of 1,731 million pesos and considers the intervention of 330 linear meters of reinforced concrete defense walls, to consolidate and protect the coastal edge.

About 5,000 square meters of coastal promenade (promenade, green areas, gazebo, games, etc.). In addition, the initiative contemplates the installation of two universal access ramps to the beach, public toilets, street furniture such as seats, lighting, garbage dumps and signage.