Date: 24/02/2020

Only details are those that are missing so that the semi-Olympic tempered pool of the Talca Fiscal Stadium is 100% finished. The work, which the ABC company has been carrying out, in charge of the work, so far has been satisfactory, as reported by the authority, on an inspective visit, where they could see the great progress presented by this building, which will come to cover the need for children, youth and adults to develop swimming throughout the year.

The great boom that this sport has historically had in the Maule and also the little offer of this type of enclosures, forced the authority to have this project, which contemplated the construction of this pool, which has eight lanes, dressing rooms for teachers, athletes and also Paralympic swimmers, grandstands with capacity for more than 250 people, administrative offices, access for athletes with turnstiles and an air conditioning system that allows the glasses to not fog up with moisture. CHARACTERISTICS Patricio Moya, Construction Manager of the Construction and project administrator, said the main virtue of this building, indicating: “The most important thing is that it is a sustainable building, one of the few in the country that will have this CES certification (Sustainable Building Certificate). In addition, it will be the only temperate pool in the region, which will have a series of regulations, which will allow us to have national and perhaps international competitions. It is a building constructed in the way that modernity demands, since you have to occupy the natural resources in the best possible way and, that is why, we have solar energy, both for lighting, as well as for generation of hot water ”.

On the advance, it was Moya himself who said: “98% is effective. We already have all the works executed and the remaining 2% is a matter of time of reception of the games and that does not mean that those parts are not executed. Today we could say that the work is 100%, but it is necessary to execute that reception ”. RECEPTION After the completion of the final construction, the next step is, first the provisional reception and then the final one, a situation added by the MOP Architecture Director, Ervin Castillo. “We believe that in a few days we will make the provisional reception of the work. That implies that we could eventually find some details that could be very small, so we are seeing and that stage ends. A year later a definitive reception comes, so that definitive reception will be at the end of next ”.

After the provincial reception, the company in charge of the work, must take out the details that may be presented and, after that, the site would go to the National Sports Institute, an institution that would ensure the administration of the building. DEADLINES As for the deadlines, in which the pool could be occupied by the community, Castillo, said. “I think that next March should be surrendering and being in the hands of the IND, although it could be earlier. Here there was an extension of deadlines, because this work ended on November 15 was supposed, but will end on December 30.

After that, we will surely have to get some details and there you also have to see if IND has to buy some implementations for this building and you have to move with your people here, so conversing with the IND authorities, we believe that at the end of February or fortnight of March should be delivered. ” As for that delay, the MOP seremi, Francisco Durán, said: “The delay we had is normal, it is within the deadlines estimated many times in this type of works. Here there was no modification of what the costs or financing are. When there are time delays, it often corresponds to bad weather, although we had the good fortune that we had no delays that had to do with the social outbreak. In fact, we met with the workers of this work and they wanted to move on. ” SPORTS CENTER On the other hand, Durán referred to the dimensions of this pool and the idea they hope to achieve in the Fiscal Stadium sector. “We, when we talk about works, such as the pool, the main thought that comes is to be able to divide the dimension of things.

Here there is a work of an important technical quality, with a sustainable building, one of the only ones in the region, which has 42 solar panels, we have climate equipment, so, from an engineering point of view, it is a tremendous work. But in addition to that the second important dimension is that the city is configured with this sports axis, constituted by a stadium, which is already finishing, by this pool, soon the building of the IND and I believe that it is not considered to support the Club of Tennis Talca, which is next to generate a mega sports center. ” It should be noted that the investment of this project amounts to 2.5 billion pesos, which were funded by the Regional Government of Maule, Mindep and IND.