Bim Portfolio

BIM & Architecture.

BIM in general terms

In MASC Consulting engineers we also carry out consulting and modeling in BIM, among which the following projects stand out:


  • Control of progress of the work and interference of specialties “TIERRA DE CAMPEONES”STADIUM REPOSITION – IQUIQUE.
  • Coordination of the Design of the General Project Architecture, Structure and Specialties EL ARENAL MODEL OF EDUCATION AND WORK – COPIAPÓ.
  • Control of the progress of the work and interference of specialties  PDI – VALDIVIA.

Advantages of the BIM Methodology

This work methodology has great advantages that optimize the results during the development process

BIM concerns to the geometry, the relationship with space, geographic information, quantities and properties of building components (for example, details of door manufacturers). BIM can be used to illustrate the entire building, maintenance and even demolition process (more materials are now recycled). Quantities of materials and shared properties can be easily extracted. In addition, work areas, details of components and sequences of construction activities can be isolated and defined.

BIM softwares are capable of achieving such improvements through representations of the parts and components that are being used in the construction of a building. Object-assisted computer-based representation is a substantial change in traditional crafting based on vector representation.