BIM Solutions

Bim & Architecture.


This is an integrated work methodology in which elements with parametric information come together in a virtual model and control the design, construction and operation processes of a certain project during its different stages of development. It is a process in which a centralized database is generated and mainly managed, a modeling of the work with information that facilitates and optimizes the way to create and develop a project although there are varied definitions and approaches to BIM, all point to the same: improve project management using intelligent virtual modeling. The main objective is to find and solve quickly and effectively problems present during the different phases of the project and thus reduce the costs associated with these problems, reducing the execution time of the project and improving the quality of construction.

This work methodology has great advantages that optimize the results during the development process:

Early conflict assessment:


Collating the information from the beginning of the project, we can detect possible conflicts at different stages of the process.

Avoid delays and additional costs:


Visualizing the processes in advance we prevent problems without major costs or unexpected delays.

Increase and optimize time:


In integrated projects it provides information for the administration, clarifying the pending tasks at each stage.

Allows simultaneous visualization of changes:


We can estimate the repercussions of each solution in the different areas, without improvising new models.

Improve organization and monitoring:


It allows to project the project calendar and follow up during construction.

Facilitates the estimation of resources:


It is easier to develop the budget and work control when all the information is on the table and is easy to review.

Evaluate the sustainability of the work:


Facilitates the calculation of the energy efficiency of the building and its facilities.


In the project review activity of a work it is a completely dynamic activity since the models must constantly adapt to the modifications of the project, modifications that may be planned or unforeseen. For these reasons, the monitoring and control of the BIM work methodology implemented for the construction or consulting company for the development of their work on site, must be carried out, based on the terms of reference established by the client and the conditions of the project as such.


The management of any architectural project requires models that ensure process efficiency and the final delivery of a quality product. Among them there is the construction information modeling (Building Information Modeling or BIM) which is the process of generating and managing data of a building throughout its construction or projection cycle.