Civil Electricity

The company has a highly qualified advisory team and ready for any question or need that is required. The team stands out for the trust and professionalism that is reflected in its interaction with the different proposals.



Through the electrical studies for the projects this is  corroborated, ratified, confirmed and ensures that what has been carried out in the project are the appropriate criteria both in design, development and final execution in the field implementation.

These studies allow both designers and executors to verify and establish the appropriate, regulated and safe parameters. Carrying out these studies is an embedded part of the general design of an electrical project, as well as the general project.

Part of theses studies are:

  • Thermographic Study and Analysis
  • Energy Quality Study
  • Short Circuit Study
  • Protection Coordination Study
  • Study of Electric Arcs
  • Study and Measurements of Terrain Resistivity
  • Earth Mesh Analysis and Design
  • Lighting studio
  • Study and Design and management of weak currents
  • Study and Design of General Electric Distribution
  • Study and Design of General Electric Backup
  • Electrical Audits based on the regulations applied
  • Electrical Audits based on personal care and safety

The advisory team in these processes is highly trained in carrying out the necessary activities, analyzing and evaluating the study parameters.