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Founded in 2007 by Mario Sepúlveda Carvajal, Structural Civil Engineer at the University of La Serena. MASC Consulting engineers is a regional company aimed at satisfying demands for the elaboration of engineering projects for the Maule Region.

After time, the company ventured into the field of technical inspection of works, ensuring the proper execution of residential and institutional projects.

Innovation, research and entrepreneurship has led MASC to acquire technology of a global nature.

The bet of the company in the short term is to be recognized as the best regional company of technical inspection of works and control of both destructive and non-destructive tests of concrete.

The experience and knowledge in the area of works and structural engineering support the work of MASC. The company’s human team consists of professionals and administrators of the highest level, who are fully committed to the service provided by the company to its customers.

The results of MASC’s commitment were recognized by the ISO 9001 Certification and in the future the prompt implementation of ISO 14,000 and ISO 18,001 OSHAS.

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Mission / Vision / Values


Deliver quality and competitive service to their customers, providing the necessary tools, methodologies and technological advances to our professionals, accompanied by continuous training to them. Through innovation, research and application of new technologies, it is also intended to achieve full satisfaction of their customers and stakeholders.


To be recognized leaders regional and national level in the Advisory Services and Technical Inspection of Works, Administration of Construction and Real Estate Projects, and in the Study and Development of Engineering Projects.


Motivation: Generate actions to achieve an optimal result through our constant technological innovation.

Authenticity: Taking risks and committing ourselves to our clients in search of their satisfaction.

Safety: Ensure the lives of our workers by complying with current Regulations and being at the forefront.

Quality: Commit the organization to compliance with our quality management system.


We belong to the Association of engineering consulting companies in Chile and we are also members of the “Cámara chilena de la construcción”.

Organization Chart

The base organization chart of the company is as follows:

Mario Sepúlveda Carvajal – Civil Engineer – Master in Seismic Design Buildings.
María Emilia Torres Astudillo – Business Administration Engineer – Executive MBA.
Sergio Campos Albornóz – Construction Engineer.
Accounting Advisory – Taxes C & C Limitada.
Emilio Torres Astudillo – Laywer.
Eivic Roa Moreno.

Our Team

Our professional team between plant staff and fees is as follows:

Mario Sepúlveda Carvajal – Founding Partner.
Maria Emilia Torres – Managing Partner.
Sergio Campos Albornoz – Quality Coordinator.
Karina Acuña – Risk Preventionist.
Gabriela Acevedo – Engineering Assistant.
Nelson Suárez – IT Engineering Coordinator.
Nicolas Cañas – BIM Architect.
Iskar Torres – BIM Modeler.
Miguel Rodriguez – Structure Specialist.
Miguel Poblete – Electricity Specialist.
Esteban Riquelme – Electrical Specialist.
Eivic Roa – Administrative Secretary.

Quality Politics

MASC INGENIEROS CONSULTORES is a Company dedicated to the provision of Advisory Services and Technical Inspection of Works, Administration of Construction and Real Estate Projects, and Study and Development of Engineering Projects for both the public and private sectors.

Our Organization assumes the responsibility of establishing, documenting, implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System according to the requirements defined in ISO 9001, for which it undertakes to:

• Be an Organization oriented to the business of our Clients and Stakeholders, giving full satisfaction to their requirements, needs, expectations, efficiently and effectively.

• Counting and maintaining a qualified human resource for each job, promoting training to optimize the performance of their functions within the Organization.

• Comply with the current legal requirements applicable to the Organization during the development of our processes.

•Establish, planning and review the quality objectives, and carry out the follow-up of the actions determined to obtain them.

• Determine the opportunities and risks that arise in the development of the Organization’s activities and take the necessary actions to address these.

Therefore, MASC INGENIEROS CONSULTORES is committed to compliance with the requirements and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System based on the International Standard ISO 9001.

August, 2019.

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Our years of experience have allowed us to integrate the most important records of Technical Inspection of Works of our country.

Registry of Consultants of the Ministry of Public Works.
Registration: 4717
Main Specialty: Building Works.
Main Category: First Superior.

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SGC/ISO 9001:2015

SGC/ISO 9001:2015
Our years of experience have allowed us to integrate the most important records of Technical Inspection of Works of our country.

The adoption of a Quality Management System (QMS) is a strategic decision of the organization. The design and implementation of an organization’s QMS is influenced by the environment, its associated changes and risks, changing needs, objectives, products it provides, processes, size and structure.

The ISO 9000 family of standards promotes the adoption of a process-based approach when developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of a QMS, to increase customer satisfaction by meeting its requirements.

The ISO 9001 standard seeks the determination of minimum requirements for Quality Management Systems. Verifying compliance with the client’s requirements, the legal and regulatory requirements build customer confidence in the capabilities of the organization.