Structural Civil

Throughout these years of experience, the company has developed different types of engineering projects which have been separated by type of work.


  • Architecture
  • Project Coordination
  • Restoration
  • Structural engineering
  • Soil mechanics
  • Sanitary Engineering
  • Drinking Water Projects
  • Sewer Projects
  • Rainy Water Projects
  • Dry and wet network projects
  • Air Conditioning Engineering
  • Energy efficiency
  • Management models
  • Project Coordination


To date there are several heritage projects that we have developed in this calculation office for both public and private institutions, most of them are already approved by the National Monuments Council and are about to materialize, while the Another percentage is in the approval stage. Our work has focused mainly on the Sixth and Seventh region of Chile, both locations seriously damaged by seismic movements

The Technical Inspection of Works (TIW) is a set of activities and control verification procedures carried out during the construction of a work that aims to ensure full compliance with the contractual commitments of third parties.

EIt is part of our work:

Quality Assurement

This corresponds to the set of planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service meets the requirements related to the established requirements.

Masc Consulting engineers is a company certified by ISO 9001: 2015, whereby the processes focus on their customers and stakeholders.

As main points:

  • Supervision of works based on current regulations in force.
  • Internal control through audits.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Traceability of information.


Control of costs and progress

Among the most important points of the technical inspection of works are the cost control and progress measurement. Masc Engineers constantly monitors this area, for which it develops tasks such as:

  • Verify compliance with technical specifications and compromised standards.
  • Verification of executed and finished works.
  • Approval of payment statements.
  • Negotiation of extraordinary works.

Specialties inspection


Due to the large number of projects inspected and the high variety of specialties in each of them, our company can support an optimal control in specific areas that complement work on site, among the most prominent:

  • Structural engineering.
  • Electricity.
  • Air conditioning and ventilation.
  • Sanitary.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Acoustics.
  • Restoration of assets and personal property.


This type of inspection is specific and punctual, generally oriented to structural elements of the project, in situations of conflict, direct communication is generated with the calculation engineer, the soil mechanic and the structural reviewer of the project.

In order to know the real damage that the structure may have, a Structural Inspection of Work is required by a competent professional (Structural Civil Engineer).

The type of services performed is as follows:

  • Non destructive tests (NDT).
  • Taking destructive tests.
  • Structural modeling.
  • Structural reports.


Given the experience of the company in the area of Works Inspection, and due to the large amount of specialties that interact in the projects is that our constituents have placed their trust in us, hiring the service of review and execution of multidisciplinary projects that provide solutions, advice and comprehensive support to the industry, construction, individuals and public institutions sector in the design, review and development of projects with high quality standards.

We have professionals recognized for their experience and for staying at the forefront, continuously improving the processes they apply in customer satisfaction.

  • Soil mechanics.
  • Structural engineering.
  • Sanitary Engineering (Dry / wet network projects, drinking water, rainwater and sewerage).
  • Electric engineering.
  • Air Conditioning Engineering.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Management models.
  • Project Coordination.

The activities carried out in MASC Ingenieros Consultores are executed according to procedures established in a Quality Management System that has an ISO 9001: 2015 certification.